WINboard History

Winboard was founded in 2015 Located in wuxi, jiangsu province of China,which was focus on electric skateboard industry. In its first year, winboard designed the first generation of hub motor electric skateboard controller and dual hub motor drive electric skateboard prototype.

In 2016 Year,Winboard registered its trademark in the United States, and applied for the patent of electric skateboard controller, battery enclosure design patent and Four-wheel drive electric skateboard patent in China. Set up An assembly line for mass production,designed and molded panther board battery enclosure,designed and molded 2 remote control.

In the year of 2017,created the carbon fiber all in one deck and in mass production manufacturing a large number of OEM orders,obtained specialized experience in hub motors, carbon fiber deck and controllers in electric skateboard industry,provide solutions to OEM and ODM customers,turn the design concept products into reality and achieve mass production.

In 2018 year,WINboard set up distributor system selling own brand electric skateboard.Nearly 20 different types of electric skateboards can be provided, which can be customized according to the needs of customers.

2019 year WINboard set up Shenzhen branch factory for huge quantities orders shipped out in high-efficiency way.Design and manufacturing belt motor drive electric skateboard and direct drive system electric skateboard.Wuxi factory serve as customize solution center and sales center,design and develop new models for winboard.Designed and molded second generation battery enclosure.

WINboard Technology

After many years of efforts, winboard has a professional research and development team and testing team, and has made remarkable achievements in the electric skateboard industry especially in the wireless controller and carbon fiber skateboard, winboard is representative of the domestic leading technology which can support most of electric skateboard in the whole world.WINboard can offer More than 20 types electric skateboard with different battery and remote control to meet OEM customers' requirements,provide professional solutions for customers.

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