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When you ride WINboard skateboard, need to read the manual firstly to know how to start an operation well.


Warning Before Riding

Below 14 years old teenager and kids not allow to riding winboard electric skateboard without parents permission,and can not use skateboard as a vehicle riding tools.Everyone before riding winboard electric skateboard should be wear helmet,knee pad,elbow pad and other protection wears.After riding,pls keep remember charging lithium battery at the first time otherwise reducing battery lifetime.Forbiding riding skateboard in water and riding in low battery power situation.


1.After ride skateboard should be charge it at first time,do not allow charging battery below 10 degree centigrade,it might cause lithium battery catch fire.

2.Charging should be far away from inflammable products.Not allow overtime charging.

3.These warning should be open to all buyers and electric skateboard riders,pls keep remember warnings and avoid unlucky accident in case.                                                                                                                                           


1-WINboard is trading or manufacturer?

Manufacturer.WINboard have technology team ,own motor manufacturer ,carbon fiber deck manufacturer and assembly line,have own export licence.

2-How is warranty policy?

WINboard offer 6 month warranty for circuit board, remote,motor and battery.Only available for factory defect.Distributor do repair service for final customers. WINboard give support on how to repair the boards and sell all replacement parts .

3-Why only offer 6 month warranty? Because we offer factory wholesale bulk price.If need 12 month warranty, need add extra cost and sell with retail price.

4-Does WINboard only sell to distributors?

YES and NO.We sell to distributors,agency,and OEM wholesalers.We do wholesale, not retail.WINboard mostly offer customized orders.

5-Can I make an OEM order?

YES,MOQ50 units, OEM grip tape,battery case,wheels with customer's logo.

6-Does WINboard make all kinds of electric skateboard?

YES,from fish deck short board, longboard, carbon fiber board, hub motor skateboard, belt motor skateboard and off road skateboard.

7-What is other condiditons do not have warranty?

7.1-Over charging all night caused battery or charger issues.

7.2-Open skateboard inside or DIY it without any permission from WINboard distributor or WINboard.

7.3-Ride skateboard in water or riding under raining weather caused PCB motherboard issues.

7.4-Over weight loading lbs caused battery issues.Recommened loading weight is below 100kg.

7.5-Keep riding with Max speed with low power.

7.6-Uphill with low battery power caused battery issues.

7.7-Longtime climbing hills caused motor and PCB issues.

7.8-Longtime riding with max speed without any stop rest caused PCB and motor wheels issues.

7.9-Uphill with low power or uphill last 5 minutes,because BMS will damaged by big current.

7.0-Unreasonable riding method and operation or abuse.

8-Why WINboard skateboard have different remote control?

Normally we have one model remote control, it is standard model.But for GT-M6 we use different remote control.We will upgrade remote control by different customer's request.

And we can do customized remote control.

9-How can I make order online?

If you are consumer buyers, USA consumer buy from,Europen consumer buy from

If you are wholesaler or distributor,pls click top agent on and apply for an agent, we will offer you a password, then you login, you will see all products price and can make order online, but payment do not accept online payment, we will make a invoice for you and you pay by invoice payment method.Because bulk order different quantity have different shipping cost.(Pls note all price here is not including shipping cost, if u make order pls consider shipping cost)



How do I control the WINboard?

The winboard acceleration and braking is controlled by a wireless handhold remote controller.Before you make an order from winboard,pls inform you are benginners or expert riders.

Can I ride a Winboard if I have no experience with Skateboard?

Absolutely. The Winboard is designed to be easy to learn and easy to ride. WINboard mostly is design for fast speed e board to expert riders,if you are beginners, you should clear this point to winboard before buy.

What is the max speed of the Winboard?

The Winboard offer different model with different,  speed can reach to 40kmh.But we suggest safety is first.

What Safety wearings should I wear?

Always wear a helmet. This cannot be over stated enough. We also highly recommend wearing other safety gear like wrist guards, gloves, knee pads and other protection wearings.

How far I can ride per charge?

15-20KMH normally ride in flat road with regular speed.If you upgrade battery capacity, the range will be longer.


How do I know when the  WINboard is charged?

The WINboard Cruiser charger has an LED which will be red during charging and changes to green once fully charged.

How long does it take to charge the  WINboard battery?

Basic level battery need charge 3-4 hours. If you upgrade the battery capacity, we suggest you buy fast charger.Do not charge it overnight even though our charger have overcharging protection function.

Is my Winboard waterproof?

Yes and no... because the bottom of the board is completely sealed you can ride through most puddles and rain. However, you cannot submerge the Winboard under water. It is very important to remember wet conditions can ruin your bearings and greatly reduce traction, so if you do ride in wet conditions, you should practice extreme caution.

What is the weight limit for the Winboard?

The limit we suggest is 265 lbs. Performance won't really change on the flat ground but heavier riders may see a slow down on speed.

How long does it take the board to get to top speed?

It depends greatly on the rider, road conditions, and mode you are in.But in most cases it is within just a few seconds.

Can I order Winboard wheels for my non-Winboard?

Yes you can! They will work just as normal longboard wheels would.

Will there be future updates accessories for the Winboard?

We have a couple ideas for accessories… More details see our website or contact us freely.

Does WINboard skateboard have fast speed skateboard?

HAVE..But need to be customized.Pls contact our saleservice for customized order.

Doese WINboard sell kit for DIY?

YES,We design a kit sell to anyone who can DIY  an electric skateboard.


What regular maintenance should I do on my Winboard?

Regularly inspecting your board for any damage and checking that it is running properly is usually all the regular maintenance your Winboard should need. When bearings, wheels are worn, they can easily be replaced or swapped out with new ones from factory. Cleaning WINboard is one of your key maintenance points. Do not soak the board, or spray with a hose, simple get a wet cloth and rub off any dirt with the cloth - maybe use a soft scrubbing brush on stubborn marks. With a damp cloth clean the underside of the board, the trucks, battery, wheel sidewalls etc. Harsh chemicals or abrasive materials should never be used and can damage the finish or even the performance of your board.Do not put winboard under sunshine for a long time.

How to store the  WINboard ?

After you have cleaned your board, if you are going to store it for extended periods, give the battery an overnight charge every 3-4 months. If you are going to store it for a few weeks before use, keep the battery on charge if possible, the automated cut-off will turn the light on the charger to green indicating that the battery is drawing minimal current to maintain optimal status of the battery.


Can i buy a skateboard single?

Yes,but normally we do not sell to consumer buyers, we suggested buyers buy from local distributors or agency.We only offer sample to further agency or distributor.


Ø In case of fire, when charging batteries, keep the charger away from highly flammable materials or products and never leave the charger unattended when in charge.

Ø Please charge your skateboard at temperatures above 10℃ (59 degrees Fahrenheit), or battery would be seriously damaged.

Ø Never put the battery in the fire or high temperature place because overheat will cause battery explosion or fire.

Ø Overcharge will seriously damage your battery, never charge your skateboard over 8 hours.

Ø If you are a beginner, we suggest 4.4Ah battery is enough for your riding. If you are a skateboard player, we suggest 6.6Ah or more capacity battery for longer distance.

WINboard use 18650 lithium battery pack for our electric skateboard.

How to avoid damage battery of your board?

1-Do not suggest ride out 100% power.Keep 20% leave and go to charge battery immediately.

2-When battery light remind in low power, not suggest ride in high speed, only available slow speed for back home.

3-When back home,should charge battery immediately, not suggest wait until next days to charge it.

4-Do not suggest riding in low power for uphill longtime ,Continuous climbing is not recommended(More than 5 minutes)

5-Do not suggest charge over night or over charge 8 hours just in case.

6-It is not recommended to charge battery at a temperature below minus 5 degrees.

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